International relations

International relations in  Poltava State Agrarian Academy  are coordinated by Pro-Rector of International Relations, the Ph.D. of Agricultural Science, Professor Oleg Gorb.

International relations of  Academy began to develop in 1995-1996.The first contacts were with two German Universities, namely the East European University Center Hohenheim (Stuttgart) and agricultural school, "DEULA (Nienburg).

University Hohenheim (Stuttgart) is the Agricultural University which has been one of the leading universities in Germany for many years. Students can take master’s and postgraduate courses.

Agricultural School "DEULA" is the educational establishing which is subordinated to the Chamber of Agriculture of district Nienburg. This school trains farmers, gardeners, farm machinery mechanics, metalworkers, carpenters from Germany. The school trains students from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, new independent states and overseas countries (especially from Brazil).These students are taught  agriculture and horticulture.

Our students are trained at this school, and have practical training on farms of Lower Saxony. The term practical training is 12 months, and classes are one day a week during the training period. At the end of training students take exams on crop-growing, livestock breeding, mechanization and German and receive a certificate after leaving school "DEULA."

Since 1998 Professor of PSAA, Oleg Gorb has become the Pro-Rector of International relations and expanded international contacts. The International Department of PSAA was created in 1999. Professor Antonina Kalinichenko, Ph.D. of agricultural science, Associate Professor Andriy Hetya, Ph.D. of historical science, Professor Elena Yakubenko began working as lectures at this Department.

Since 1999 research and teaching staff of our Academy has been able to attend the international exhibitions "Eurotir" and "Aritechnic" (Hannover), " Green Week "(Berlin), and international exhibitions in Belgium and Poland.

Since 1998 our students have had the opportunity to study at the Department of International Management of University of Applied Sciences "Wiehnstefan " in Bavaria, in Frazinh and Trizdorf. Students learn agriculture, environmental protection and international management.

Ukrainian students can enter the Department of International Management after the 4-6-months practice. About 40% of the student-trainees study at the Department of International Management (Master Course of “MBA in Agriculture”).

Since 2002 the same course has been introduced by the 3-years European Ukrainian-German-Irish project- Tempus Tacis (M_JEP 22218-2001). Our Academy together with the National Agrarian University of Ukraine, Sumy State University and two European partners-University of Applied Sciences "Weihnstefan" and University of Dublin introduced this project in 2002-2004.

The final international conference on the presentation of the book "Production Economics" was held June 16-17 2005. This book was issued at the cost of the project and is now this is the main book for students of Master Course of “MBA in Agriculture”. In 2005 the Department of Economics and Management of our academy got the license for new specialty of Administrative Management it also can be considered a successful result of the completion of this project.

Graduates of the Master’s course of “MBA in Agriculture” receive a Ukrainian Master’s standard diploma form and a certificate of German University of Applied Sciences "Weihnstefan". The graduate of the department Irina Buksha has graduated from Dublin University, now lives and works in Ireland.

All these events can be considered as the first real step of our Academy in education within the Bologna agreement.

International Ukrainian-Austrian-Sri Lanka research project "Biological nitrogen fixation by legumes in the conditions of water stress" (BIO Fix) was coordinated by Ph.D. of chemical science Dmitry Fedoseyenko in 2002-2003. In 2006 he won a grant and researches and works at the University of Florida.

The cooperation with the Swedish Agricultural University and City College of agriculture of Retvik started in 2002. Our students are trained at the college in the  town of Retvik. These structural and organizational changes expand the academy’s international activity significantly.

Cooperation with the German farmers union began and continued in 1998 and our students began to  have practice Germany farms. During this practice, students are taught all the processes which are used on farms.

In 1998 our Academy took part in the competitions together with the University Hohenheim,Austrian Universitiey of field crops, , and in 1999 won a tender for the implementation of the joint Ukrainian- German-Austrian three-years project- "Tempus Tacis". The aim is the introduction of the new academy master’s course "Ecological and economic crop-growing". A course was introduced in 2001 and continues to successfully operates nowdays.Every year 25 students study at this course.During the project over 50 lecturers had a period of trainee in Germany and Austria.

Due to the financial support of this project, the Academy got the local  computer network with a dedicated Internet line, the research laboratory was equipped at the agronomy Department and the Language center was established.The Language center of the Academy is the best center in Poltava and one of two centers in Ukraine, which are licensed to perform tests in German “DAF“. The center gives a possibility to study English, German, French and Polish.The center cooperates with the Goethe Institute and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Head of center Ph.D. of philology science, senior lecturer of department of foreign languages Olena Shishlina.

 The project coordinator is Pro-Rector of International Relations Oleg Gorb.

Andriy Hetya was one of the first lecturers of the Academy which won a scholarship DAAD and for 18 months (1998-1999) he carried out his research at the University Hohenheim. Associate professor Mykola Shevnikov and associate professor Leonid Kolesnikov made their researches.

Dr. Jurgen Kurobka, an expert of German International Centre of Migration, worked at the Academy since 1996 to 1998. In 1998 he was replaced by Dr. Rainer Ploze who worked as Rector’s advisor on international issues for nearly 10 years. He made an effort to broaden and deepen contacts of PSAA with German institutions and organizations.

Research and teaching staff of the Academy have close cooperation with the Centre for Agronomic Research in province of Hainaut (Belgium). In the result of this collaboration our lecturers visit Belgium and have the opportunity to develop their skills and use the up-to-date European laboratory equipment.

Two international projects: "Agricultural Marketing Project in Ukraine" and the "Creating an official extension in Poltava region" were implemented at the same time since 2003 to 2007.

"Agricultural Marketing Project in Ukraine" was funded by the U.S. government by the means of the company “LAND O’LAKES” to improve logistics and marketing sales of farmers’ fruit and vegetables.

"Creating an official extension in Poltava region" was funded by the Government of Germany with the help of the “Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry”. Extension activity in the Poltava region provides educational and consulting services to agricultural producers of different form of ownership.

The cooperation with the Warsaw National Agricultural University and the Hungarian Agricultural University (Sarvash) started in 2005. The relations with Hungary was expanded and the agreement was signed with the University of Debrecen.

The Peace Corps volunteer, Jennifer Vale worked at the Academy for 2 years (2005-2007 ). Due to her activity cooperation with American universities of Illinois and the University PURDUE (Indiana) began.

In 2006 the Ukrainian-German-Polish consortium and PSAA won two-year Tempus Tacis Projects "Creating agro ecological center of Poltava region".

European Universities: Hohenheim University, University of Stuttgart, Municipality Filderstat (Germany), National Agricultural University of Warsaw (Poland) took part in this project. Such institutions as the Department of Veterinary Medicine in the Poltava Region, State Administration for Environmental Protection in Poltava region, Poltava National Technical University named after  Yuri Kondratyuk, and other organizations were involved in this work.

"Agro Ecological Center of Poltava region" was created in the result of this project.

Poltava regional public organization "Official Agricultural Extensional Service" together with PSAA successfully completed another environmental project funding by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. This project was aimed at spreading the experience of the private enterprise "Agroekolohiya" founded by the Hero of Ukraine Semen Antonets . His work is devoted to farming in the Poltava region.

In 2009 the Academy signed an agreement with the French-Romanian Institute of Agriculture ISFRADA. According to this agreement our Bachelors can study in Romania and France and get two master's degrees in those countries. The most valuable in this agreement guarantee graduates’ employment at French firms.

Since 2009 our graduates have had opportunities to take Post-graduates course on the speciality “Ecology” in Singapore at Nayanh Technical University at the expense of “SINGA”.

Our students can have practice in such overseas  countries  as Poland, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Britain, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden Canada, the USA and even Australia.

Every year several international seminars and conferences are held at the Academy, specialists read their lectures or seminars for the students and postgraduate students of our academy.

Research and teaching staff of our Academy regularly participates at conferences, round tables, seminars, improve their skills and carry out their research abroad in the following organizations:


  • University Hohenheim
  • University of Stuttgart
  • University of Applied Sciences "Weihnstefan"
  • University of Field Crops BOKU (Austria)
  • University of Dublin (Ireland)
  • University of Wageningen (Netherlands)
  • University of Illinois
  • Ohio State University
  • University PURDUE ( USA )
  • Nayanh Technological University (Singapore)
  • National Agricultural University of Warsaw (Poland)
  • Agricultural University of Sarvash (Hungary)
  • University of Debrecen (Hungary)
  • University of Diyarbakir (Turkey)
  • Agricultural School "DEULA-Nienburg” (Germany)
  • Germany farmers union ( Bonn, Germany )
  • Association of "Agro impuls" (Switzerland)
  • Agricultural School "Land du Bray" (France)
  • Agricultural college “ Nivot “ ( France )
  • Association of "Ki-France" (France)
  • NGO "Friendship without Borders" (France)
  • Agricultural college  "Retvik" (Sweden)
  • Swedish Association of Young Farmers
  • “CARAH” ( At, Belgium)
  • Association of  “IEP” (Rutland, G. Britain)
  • Association of Danish-Ukrainian Commonwealth "(Denmark)
  • Farmers Association “ AB-farm” (Denmark)
  • Firm “SFK-technology” (Denmark)
  • Research Institute “IRTA” (Spain)
  • Farmers Association  (Netherlands)
  • French-Romanian Institute of Agriculture ISFRADA
  • Samara State Agricultural University (Russia)
  • Academy of Economics and Law (Moscow, Russia)