Study Process in the Center of international education

The program of the full training course in the Center of international education is conducted in the following fields of education: medical-biological, engineer-technical, economic, and humanitarian. Studies begin from October 1 and last for 8-10 months. The study courses depend on the chosen specialty. The compulsory courses for all the students are:

  • The Ukrainian or Russian language;
  • Area studies;
  • Fundamentals of IT and computers.

The future specialists of engineer-technical field of education study Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Technical drawing; of medical-biological field – Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology; of economic field – World economic and social geography, Fundamentals of economics; of humanities – Fundamentals of Ukrainian and foreign literature, History, World economic and social geography.

The number of hours for studying the courses varies depending on the chosen specialty.

The training of foreign citizens is conducted on the basis of work study programs in the courses, which are made corresponding to the typical study plans and programs developed by the Study-methodical commission in pre-university training of foreign citizens at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The study process in the Center of international education consists of classroom practical lessons, lectures (during the second semester), students’ independent work, additional lessons or individual consultations. At the end of the first semester foreign citizens take differential credit-tests in all the courses, written and oral examination in Ukrainian or Russian. At the end of the second semester the students of the center take credit-tests and examinations in Ukrainian or Russian, Chemistry, Physics, and special courses (Biology or Mathematics, etc.). During the semesters attestation is held determining the study achievement rating of foreign citizens.

The main tasks of foreigners’ pre-university training to enter higher educational establishments of Ukraine are:

  • studying the Ukrainian (Russian) languages in the volume which is sufficient for training on the first and the following courses of higher educational establishments of Ukraine. Moreover, acquiring by foreign citizens the minimal lexical number of professional terms (depending on the chosen specialty) in the Ukrainian or Russian languages is a very important requirement, without which successful studying is not possible.
  • the systematization of the knowledge level of the secondary education, obtained by foreigners in their native countries and bringing it to the standards of the secondary education in Ukraine.

Implementing the tasks of foreigners’ pre-university training, depending on their chosen specialty, has its own specifics and requires specially trained pedagogical personnel both of the Ukrainian or Russian languages, and general educational courses. The teachers of the Center are highly experienced in work with foreign citizens, they systematically upgrade their qualification, attending the classes of their colleagues, sharing the experience concerning the problems of training and educating foreign citizens with colleagues from other higher educational establishments, participating in international, All-Ukrainian, and regional scientific-practical conferences, getting acquainted with new research in the problems of teaching Ukrainian and Russian as foreign languages. Every five years our teachers have upgrade training courses at Poltava V.G. Korolenka National Pedagogical University, Poltava M.V. Ostrogradskogo Regional Institute of Pedagogical Upgrade Training, Educational-Scientific Institute of Upgrade Training of the National University of Bio-Resources and Nature Management of Ukraine, and at various departments of the higher educational establishment of the Union of Consumer Cooperatives of Ukraine “Poltava University of Economics and Trade”.

There is a necessary material base for training foreigners: special classrooms in the courses, equipped with the corresponding devices, classrooms for studying languages, and also didactic and visual aids, etc.

 The material-technical base of the Center corresponds to the requirements of the study process. There are special classrooms for Physics, Biology, Mathematics, and also the computer classroom.

The library was also opened in the Center, in which study literature and fiction are collected, including the literature in many languages of the world.