About Us

Poltava State Agrarian Academy (PSAA) is a higher educational establishment of 4th level of accreditation, a heart of science, education and culture in Poltava region with a long ancient history and dateless pedagogical traditions. Over a century our educational institution has been training highly-skilled professionals for all branches of agriculture and economy of our state, creative and intelligent people, scientists well-known in Ukraine and abroad who have made a great contribution in development of agriculture, education and science as well as formation of social and political ideas.

Nowadays PSAA is a multisectoral research and educational complex which includes all elements of grade and postgraduate courses. All of these elements are components of European educational system and amenably to the standards of Bologna declaration. PSAA includes 6 institutes, 7 departments, 7 colleges and technical secondary schools and the centre of pre-enter training.

Our academy is an advanced educational, research and educational, cultural and youth center of Poltava region that corresponds to modern level of high education, actively reacts to requirements of market economy, ensures development of national agrarian sector, culture, formation of elite of Ukrainian society.